Who We Are

The Friends of Gorham’s Pond is a group of concerned citizens who are committed to restoring, preserving and protecting the vital Gorham’s Pond Watershed, composed of Gorham’s Pond, the Goodwives River and the Stony Brook River. The Friends of Gorham’s Pond, a 501(c)(3) organization, seeks to restore and protect this key asset to the Town of Darien. Recent Town surveys found that the Gorham’s Pond watershed is only second to the public schools as the asset citizens are the most proud. We also want to highlight of the Watershed’s importance to the myriad of wildlife and aquatic species living here.

To this end, we seek to raise awareness and funds to restore and rebuild the wildlife habitats lost due to the enormous amount of road sand from I95 clogging this waterway. We have sought State funds and have been granted monies to begin the restoration at the top of the watershed, at the Upper Pond of the Goodwives River. This project took its first steps the Fall of 2015.

Further efforts will begin this winter to gain additional public and private funds with which we plan to continue the restoration down river and ultimately to Gorham’s Pond itself.

FOGP in the News

Warm Weather Keeps River Project Running – Darien Times Article
January 21, 2016 – The delay of winter weather has allowed for more progress to be made on the Goodwives River dam repair and sediment dredging project.

Goodwives River Project Underway, with Some Setbacks – Darien Times Article
November 19, 2015 – A project to repair the Good Wives River Bridge and remove thousands of feet of sediment from Gorham’s Pond is now underway, but the impending winter has altered the planned schedule.

Opening of Gorham’s Pond Tide Gates
Press Release – Town of Darien, October 27, 2015

Pond Project Enters Bidding Phase – Darien Times Article
August 13, 2015 – The town of Darien is seeking contractors to perform work on the upper portion of Gorham’s Pond, which would include the restoration of the Upper Pond dam, the installation of a fish ladder, and sediment dredging.

Goodwives Dredging to Start in the Fall – Darien News Article
August 8, 2015 – The town of Darien will move forward with a project this fall to rebuild the Upper Gorham Pond dam, dredge thousands of cubic yards of road sand, and install a fish ladder to help herring migrate more easily.

The Friends of Gorham’s Pond
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Darien, CT 06820