Current Status of the Efforts of the Friends of Gorham’s Pond

FOGP is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to the preservation and restoration of Gorham’s Pond and its surrounding watershed, which includes the Goodwives and Stony Brook Rivers. The natural beauty of the Pond and the recreational activities available because of it are a major asset to Town residents. The Pond also attracts new residents to Darien, supporting property values as well as increasing the Town’s tax base.

Despite two recent resident surveys that singled out Gorham’s Pond as a top priority for conservation and restoration, the Town has deferred maintenance of the sediment basins that protect the pond. As a result, road sand from I-95 has overflowed into the entire pond, which acts as a flooding relief valve through which water from 65% of Darien’s land mass drains into the Long Island Sound. Each new hurricane continues to build the amount of sediment, causing flooding in areas of Darien where it has never been seen before. As the pond continues to get shallower, some parts are now too shallow for even a kayak to cross, and where people once boated and swam, many parts are now too shallow for a kayak to cross.

Now is the time to restore both the beauty of the pond and its ability to serve as a critical watershed for the Town. All required local, state and federal permits have been obtained for the next phase of restoration, but additional funds are needed to cover the high cost of dredging all the pond, and to continue the work of restoring all Gorham’s Pond to a healthy, natural state once again.

Please join us in whatever way you can—donate, volunteer, become a part of this important environmental restoration!

Rebuilding the failed dam using 800 tons of cement.

Rebuilding the failed dam using 800 tons of cement.

Winter sunset on Gorham's Pond

Winter sunset on Gorham’s Pond.

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